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CDN Process Cycle

Our Engineering Process



Cyberdude contacts the Client and tries to negotiate the terms and submit the proposal to them. On positive response, Cyberdude hold discussions with various Stakeholders to enlist their requirements. We fulfill your requirements.



Successful Products were brought out with Proper planning. CDN forms a dedicated team to do Feasibility Study on the Product and comes out with Scope Management, Cost and Time Estimation, Software Engineering Stuffs and Project Schedule.


Design & Development

Cyberdude SDLC yields three levels of Product Design- Architectural Design, High-level Design and Detailed Design. Also cyberdude works for UI Design and its Methodology. Based on design, Team develop through their Codes.



Evaluates the Product against the requirements gathered and also CDN's terms. CDN follows 2V Testing Policy - Validate and Validate. Rigorous testing on Products makes them qualified.



Cyberdude launches only the Qualified Products. Deployment to the Clients were taken with utmost care by the CDN Team. Feedbacks and Suggestions were collected to improve the Product.



Cyberdude promotes the Product via SEO, Social Media Marketing (Amazon Market place, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter), Blogs, Content Marketing, E-Mail and Mobile Marketing and Pay Per Click.

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