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Website Management

Get a Magento based user friendly E-Commerce Software compatible with Smartphones, tablets and other Mobile Devices

Payment Facilities

Using Magento you are provided with variuos Payment options such as Credit Cards, PayPal, cheques, Money Order, Google Checkouts etc.,

Shipping Tracker

CDN Products embodied with Magento enables the Shipping of Products in one order to Multiple Addresses.

Rank first in Search Results

Magento based CDN Products have in-built Search Engine Optimizer so that your site would rank first inGoogle, Bing etc.

Safe and Secure Payments

CDN takes care of the security measures provided to your site. Special care is employed in maintaining Safe, Reliable and Consistent transaction facilities in Online Payments.

Deployment Services

Built-up applications were deployed. Regular Deployment strategies such as Service and Site Maintenance is performed regularly. For more queries, click support and FAQ.

cyberdude process

CDN's Process Cycle


CDN hold discussions with various Stakeholders to enlist their requirements. We fulfill your requirements.


Successful Products were brought out with Proper planning.

Design & Development

CDN SDLC yields three levels of Product Design- Architectural Design, High-level Design and Detailed Design.


Evaluates the Product against the requirements gathered and also CDN's terms.


CDN launches only the Qualified Products. Deployment to the Clients were taken with utmost care by the CDN Team.


CDN promotes the Product via their social media networks.

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