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Product Management

CDN provides Prestashop based E-Commerce Solutions exclusively for Product Management features such as Unlimited Categories, Attributes and Products, Comparison, Stock Management, Cross selling and Reviews.

Easy Store Management

100% Customizable Solution is guaranteed by CDN in Store design, Multiple employees with permissions, invoices and affiliate programmes.

Search Engine Friendly

Friendly URL Structure and Google Sitemaps makes CDN products to rank high in search results. Performance can be set to maximum speed.


Fix Shipping fees by weight or price with customized billingshipping addresses with unlimited carrierrs and destinations to fine tune the user's option.

Payment gateway

CDN Products integrates with any payment provider through Modules and automates tax by country, states and counties filtered by currency.


Automated follow-up E-Mails, coupons and vouchers Newsletter subscription, Loyalty Points and Refer-a-friend are provided by CDN to market the product on customer's interest at a nominal rate.

How we work

CDN's Process Cycle


CDN contacts the Client and tries to negotiate the terms and submit the proposal to them. On positive response, CDN hold discussions with various Stakeholders to enlist their requirements. We fulfill your requirements.


Successful Products were brought out with Proper planning. CDN forms a dedicated team to do Feasibility Study on the Product and comes out with Scope Management, Cost and Time Estimation, Software Engineering Stuffs and Project Schedule.

Design & Development

CDN SDLC yields three levels of Product Design- Architectural Design, High-level Design and Detailed Design. Also CDN works for UI Design and its Methodology. Based on design, Team develop through their Codes.


Evaluates the Product against the requirements gathered and also CDN's terms. CDN follows 2V Testing Policy - Validate and Validate. Rigorous testing on Products makes them qualified.


CDN launches only the Qualified Products. Deployment to the Clients were taken with utmost care by the CDN Team. Feedbacks and Suggestions were collected to improve the Product.


CDN promotes the Product via SEO, Social Media Marketing (Amazon Marketplace,Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter), Blogs, Content Marketing, E-Mail and Mobile Marketing and Pay Per Click.

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Our Methodology

Our milestone towards great product


Creative Designs

We love designing a great UI/UX because we belive building good UI/UX design will improve the app useability.



After designing the UI/UX, Now its time to develop the dynamic part where we will build the automatic robot of the app.


Optimization & Marketing

We concentrate on optimizing the queries so that, the app will be ultra speed both in execution speed and will be sizeless compared to others.


User Experience

Building easier user interfaces is more imporatant while building products. It will improve the useability and make it a User Friendly Product.


Quality Assurance

We have a separate team on quality analysis, where they will work as a consumer and will find the quality of the product. We improve the quality if it fails to our requirement.


Testing & Release

Last step is to test the entire product with all possible security measures. After we done, we will plan the release with all the bug fixes. We use Alpha, Beta release as development stages.


We need people who are creative enough to change the world into inspiring designs and with great apps!

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